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"The originator of a new concept...finds, as a rule, that it is much more difficult to find out why other people do not understand him, than it was to discover the new truth."

- Hermann von Helmholtz -

Anti-matter and Anti-gravity

In a previous section, I showed a picture of matter (Figure 4); the ether was shown to rush in toward the particle. With antimatter, the animation is simply run in reverse. The structure of the ether cluster is the same, except the ether is flowing in the opposite direction. This reverse flow of ether also gives rise to antigravity. So when we have an ether cluster/knot with an inward flow, we have matter and gravity; when we have an ether cluster with an outward flow, we have antimatter and antigravity.

If you superimpose an animation of antimatter on top of an animation of matter, the two ether flows will cancel each other out - which is basically what happens in the real world when matter meets antimatter. The two are annihilated and gamma rays are produced as a result of their collision. I created an animation of a collision of matter and antimatter (Figure 11) to demonstrate what happens in Foamy Ether Theory. The two particles collide with such a strong impact that the stickiness of ether is no longer strong enough to keep the clusters intact. The particles uncluster themselves, and in so doing, create two gamma waves that shoot off in opposite directions. The two particles no longer exist because the ether distortion now takes the form of two gamma rays.

Now, there is finally a model where one can visualize matter and antimatter annihilating into simple waves. Before Foamy Ether Theory, it was difficult to visualize what was going on in a matter antimatter collision. You can see that the energy (or ether distortion) stored up in the two particles is transformed into ether distortion in the form of waves. And 'Ether Distortion' is conserved. Similar to conventional physics that states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, Foamy Ether Theory states that ether distortion cannot be created nor destroyed. The ether distortion just takes on a different shape or activity.

Matter and antimatter annihilating

Figure 11

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